picture of Majik in graduation cap; my beloved border collie of 16 yrs
I am now almost as smart as my three border collies!
Thank you to all who helped me succeed

I appreciate everyone's support and various unique ways of helping me out through the last 5 years. Please send no gifts, you have all already done so much and it is greatly appreciated!

I will be taking a few days off, May 1 through May 8, and then May 11th I will start to work as a research assistant for the summer.

God has blessed me and provided an alternative to this stressed economy by supplying me with a fellowship as well as a paid research assistantship for graduate school. So, I will be starting BACK to school in August and will be working on a masters in plant biochemistry working on research in the biodiesel area. Hopefully this will work well with my goal to advance research in clean renewable energy and sustainability

One of my best accomplishments was achieved this last semester. I had the opportunity to give a presentation on Alternative Methods to Animal Testing for the PhD students in the toxicology department. The head of the department said the presentation inspired him to set up a lecture series for next year and invite guest lecturers into Clemson to cover alternative methods in research. I felt this was a great graduation present, to be able to actually set in motion something which will hopefully have lasting effects towards promoting my most passionate ethic.

Again, I want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends and family who have gone through all this with me for the past 5 yrs!

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