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Meet the Members of Our Lab

Dr. Sparace Research Coordinator and Head Scientist

Salvatore A Sparace

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Contact email
Phone: 864-656-6918
Fax: 864-656-3839

132 Long Hall
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634


 Dr. Kathryn Kleppinger-Sparace

Dr. Kathryn Kleppinger-Sparace

Tri-County Technical College
Science Department
Contact email
Phone: 864-546-1500 Ext. 1490

PO Box 587
7900 Hwy 76 East
Pendleton, SC 29670


Research Interests

Yan He Research Assistent

Yan "Laura"He

Visiting Scholar
Contact email
Phone: 864-656-5744

B12 Long Hall
Clemson University

Laura has a strong background in plant tissue cluture and plant physiology. Currently most of her work focuses on soybean somatic embryogenesis, especially in relation to the profile of accumulation of the main storage components such as protein, starch, and oligosaccharids during embryo development.